Guitarist and songwriter of 15+ years - here’s some composition and musical direction samples.

For solo work, see Bandcamp.

photo: Richard Termine

photo: Richard Termine

MUSIC CAPTAIN - Much Ado About Nothing - HUDSON VALLEY SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL - dir. May Adrales - composer: Nellie McKay

Assisted in orchestrations and music direction for opening

COMPOSER and MUSIC DIRECTION - A Midsummer Night’s Dream Teen Production - MAIN STREET THEATRE - dir. Joan Marie



Vanna White and Pat Sajak’s Hands Brush Against Each Other and They Realize They’ve Been in Love This Whole Time - #SERIALS @ THE FLEA THEATER

MUSIC DIRECTOR - “Spin the Wheel” - melody and lyrics by Marina Tempelsman

CO-COMPOSER with Marina Tempelsman - “Merv Griffin Theme” - lyrics by Marina Tempelsman